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No More Zero Days

No More Zero Days

It all happened on reddit…

“I just don’t care about myself.”

That’s how maxstolfe‘s thread began.

The user ryans01 decided to chime in with an epic reply about being more productive and feeling better.

Little did he know his answer was going to go viral within the community and outside from it too.

No More Zero Days

“No more zero days” basically means that no matter how your day goes, you always do a little something towards becoming better.

Whether is one pushup, going for a short walk, reading one page from a book, etc.

Four Rules

He also listed four rules in order to understand the system a bit better:

  1. Doing as many non-zero days as possible
  2. The 3-you’s, gratitute and favors
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Exercise and books

I would be doing a disservice to you if you didn’t go to the original source and read it there so please check it out here:

Read the “no more zero days” reply here


Some people really care a lot for others, even anonymously.

This is absolute proof of it.

Speak soon.

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