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ALS Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge was created to help raise awareness and fund research of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

Some people are loving this and some people are hating it.

Personally, I think it’s a very good cause and I had a blast watching a lot of my friends take action on this and participating on this challenge so I decided to take action and jump on it when I was nominated.

What made this so cool for me, is that I got to see most of my friends on a completely different scenery than usual.

Some wore beach shorts, were informal, some did it on the street, others did it in their garage, I think it was just great to be able to watch so many people outside of their everyday recording scenarios and I still think it is a fantastic thing to do!

Steven Vd Peijl & Dan Sumner

Steven was the first one to nominate me.

I couldn’t do it right away because I didn’t have enough time but then Dan challenged me as well like a day after and I actually had a little bit of spare time so I decided to take both of them up on it and carried away.

Steven’s Nomination

Here’s Steven nomination and to be honest, I never saw this one coming but I’m glad he thought about me when doing his video.


Dan’s Nomination

I knew somebody close to me was definitely going to nominate me, I just didn’t know it was going to be Dan.


ALS Video and Nominees

The video was shot by my wife on our apartment’s garage and out of the five persons I nominated, 2 decided to punk out and the rest actually did the challenge video.


The only one who decided to pass up on this was Rob Cubbon but he actually donated $100 to the ALS cause so massive kudos to him!

Rob Cubbon ALS Donation

Four people actually did the challenge and gave me permission to share their videos with you here so you can watch them below.

Mark Salmon’s Video

I nominated Mark because I recently did an interview with him so I knew he wasn’t going to let me down.


Chris Cole’s Video

Luckily for me, Chris was also on the same interview so it was the same case.


Keith Sneed’s Video

I wanted to nominate someone I don’t normally speak too often with, but someone I knew was going to enjoy doing this. Who else apart from someone in the US Army? He did it like a boss.


Jon Olson’s Video

Well after probably a couple of days, Jon actually shot his video and donated to ALS Canada as well, here you go!


Payment Proof

This is what we were doing the videos for…


Sergio Felix's Ice Bucket Challenge Payment

Don’t forget to donate to the ALS here!


All of the people mentioned on this post are incredibly cool people you should connect with, I’ll link you to their facebook profiles here:


Have you been challenged yet? Are you willing to participate?

The only sad thing I have seen about this, is that it went viral and many people forgot it was about actually donating to a cause, not just about doing a video.

The second part was that the co-creator of this movement, Corey Griffin, actually died at the early age of 27.

I’m pretty sure he helped raise a LOT of awareness for this cause so his name won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Thanks for reading.


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